Your Chefs
Nonna immigrated from Italy at a very young age and grew up in a traditional Italian kitchen. She has decades of experience cooking for her Italian family and is very passionate about food.
Papa Joe is of Italian heritage and developed an interest in cooking at an early age. He is passionate about “making it from scratch”.

How We Got Started

Our mutual interest in food and cooking brought us together. We met in a restaurant and our first official date was in a kitchen.

Our combined individual specialties were staple items for family feasts in addition to some new favorites developed along the way. We became each other’s biggest fan and most discerning critic.

Most of our Saturday nights are spent in our own kitchen because we found we could make it better ourselves.

Our families encouraged us to go professional and we finally acquiesced with the purchase of a food truck in February 2017. Making it our own has been an interesting and exciting road. We are honored and thrilled to finally be able to serve you the food we love.